You MUST probe me in 2 weeks – ex-Jonathan minister issues ultimatum to police

– Shekarau says he wants his name cleared of the allegations made by the police’s spokesman Jimoh Moshood

– The former governor says failure of the police to carry out the investigation will see him using the provisions of the Nigerian constitution against the Force

– Shekarau not only wants to be probed, he wants the result of the investigations to be made public

While many Nigerian politicians are running away from probe into their lives, a former minister of education Ibrahim Shekarau has demanded exactly that from the Nigeria Police Force.

Premium Times reports that Shekarau wants the police investigate a document that they said reportedly linked him to the murder of an Islamic cleric Jaafar Adam.

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The former governor of Kano state wants the police to provide him with answers in two weeks and also make public the findings.

Shekarau says the allegations made against him was an attempt to defame his character

Shekarau issued the ultimatum to the Inspector General of the Police Ibrahim Idris in a statement on Wednesday, May 3.

He was responding to a statement released by the police last week which said that “a file containing write-ups on how Governor Shekarau plotted the assassination of Sheikh Jafaru” was one of the items recovered in the residence of Senator Danjuma Goje during a raid.

Shekarau believed the statement signed by police spokesperson Jimoh Moshood was aimed at defaming him.

Shekarau’s statement read: “I am constrained to say this disclosure amounts to defamation of character, capable of tarnishing my image and pitching the sensibilities of the public against me.

“In view of this, I request your good offices to take further action than just mere mention of the discovery of the incriminating document at Senator Goje’s residence.”

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He added that the force should commence an “immediate thorough investigation on the content of the said write up recovered at Senator Danjuma Goje’s residence”.

He said the police should do this urgently so as to exonerate him “of any complicity, and to douse tension from within our admirers and the general public.”

“Failure to do this within two weeks of the receipt of this letter may compel me to initiate appropriate legal action, to enforce my fundamental human right, as provided for in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.” had initially reported that men of the Nigeria police force found cash sums of $19,000 (N5.8 million) and 4,000 Saudi riyals (N326,000) at the residence of Senator Danjuma Goje, following a raid on the senator’s residence.

Cash of N18 million in the Nigerian currency was also found at the residence of the senator.

The Nigeria Police Force, on Wednesday, April 26, denied claims that documents related to the 2017 budget was taken away from the Abuja residence of Senator Danjuma Goje.

The police said reports that 2017 budget document were taken away from the senators house during a search operation is false, misleading and capable of misinforming Nigerians.

The police in a statement released by its spokesperson Jimoh Moshood said a search warrant was duly obtained from a court of competent jurisdiction for the search which was professionally conducted.

It was in this statement that the document reportedly indicting Shekarau in Jaafar’s murder was mentioned.

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