Nigeria police gets report card from NBA vice president and it is very damning

– Nigerians, as well as notable agencies, have over the years rated the police as one of the most corrupt government institutions in the country

– Monday Ubani says President Buhari’s fight against corruption will amount to nothing if he fails to look into the activities of the police force

President Muhammadu Buhari must immediately focus on sanitizing the Nigeria Police if the fight against corruption would yield any success.

The second vice president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Monday Ubani, says he is yet to recover from the shock he recorded from police impunity when he travelled to the eastern part of Nigeria recently. reports that the police is still battling to redeem a battered image to no avail. The general impression among the Nigerians is that the police is a corrupt institution.

Ubani wants the police to urgently sanitised

“I must start by commending the present government for initiating the anti-graft fight in the real sense of that word, and that despite the noticeable and glaring deficiencies in the war; our collective resolve is that it must go on till the end.

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“However, I am not in the least impressed with the fight that has overlooked the continuous bribery and corruption committed daily by the Nigeria Police and Immigration on our roads and airports.

“I just came from the Eastern states of the federation and I must confess that I am totally flabbergasted and alarmed at the brazen impunity displayed by the Nigerian police officers in criminal extortion of motorists and okada riders on our roads with no word or control by the police authorities,” he lamented.

Ubani, who also told that in fighting corruption in the force, the entire institution and its operations must be looked into, wondered: “How can we beat our chest and congratulate ourselves that we are winning the war against corruption when the Nigerian Police officers who are ambassadors of the nation engage in the most despicable conduct of extortion on our roads and at their various stations all over the country?”

He also called on the president to sanitize the Nigerian Immigration, especially its officials at the airports and offices as well as the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

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“Something has to be done, Mr President. If the president and the Inspector-General of Police are not aware, I am blowing the whistle now.

“This has to stop. It is a national disgrace and embarrassment of the highest proportion,” he said.

Meanwhile, recently met with the family of a petty trader killed in Lagos allegedly by the police. Watch the video here:

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