In the news: Shocking! Where this missing young doctor was found will make you cry

– A young medical doctor was declared missing on July 24, 2016

– He has been found hacked to death by a security guard’s son

– The prime suspect is on the run, but his accomplices are cooperating with the police

A member of the Kwara State chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Dr Abdulkareem Tunde Abdulrahman, who was declared missing has been found.

The medical officer was found, clubbed to death in his father’s residence in Ilorin. Investigations revealed that he was killed around 1am on July 24, the day he was declared missing.

The prime suspect in the murder is Jamiu Mohammed, the son of a private security guard at the residence of the deceased’s father, Barrister Abdulrahman Alarape Adeyi at Plot 3, Professor Awe Close, Off Abdulkareem Adisa street, GRA, Ilorin.

Jamiu is now on the run after he perpetrated the heinous crime in connivance with two others. The two other accomlices are currently under interrogation in the detention facility of security operatives.

According to The Herald, the suspect, an ex-convict alongside two other accomplices stormed the room of the deceased doctor and clubbed him to death.

According to a source from the family, the father of the prime suspect, who is a security guard at the deceased father’s residence, feigned ignorance at the time the murder was committed. All efforts by the police to extract information from the guard proved futile until security operatives waded in.

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The doctor’s two mobile phones were allegedly tracked and found in the possession of two other suspects, who are currently helping security personnel to unravel how and why Tunde Abdulrahman was killed

It was also gathered that the prime suspect was seen by yet to be identified persons around Challenge area in Ilorin cruising in the deceased’s car shortly after committing the crime but later vanished into thin air. He also made away with all the belongings of the deceased in his room, it was learnt.

The father of the suspect, a Bennoise, was reported to be providing clues on how the doctor was killed and his corpse driven away to unknown destination.

Another  source said:

“On the day Tunde (Abdulrahman) was declared missing, the father of the suspect claimed the deceased drove himself out around 5am without telling anyone where he was heading to.

The father of the suspect did not initially cooperate with the security personnel. He denied ever knowing anything about the death of Tunde Abdulrahman. When they mounted pressure on him, he started making confessional statements.

He has told them (security team) that it was his son, Jamiu, who connived with other accomplices to kill our son. They came in the afternoon of the preceding day of the incident under the pretense of making inquiry on unknown issues. Unknown to Tunde (the deceased), they deliberately came to assess the environment in preparation for the evil plot to be committed later that night.

To our surprise, the prime suspect who was released from Prison in March this year for a certain criminal offence, on that fateful night, came with his accomplices and they went straight into the apartment of Tunde where they hacked him to death in his room.

After accomplishing their heinous mission, they dragged his body into the booth of his car and drove away to an unknown destination. It was when his two mobile phones were tracked that the truth started coming out about how and who killed him.”

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The prime suspect allegedly terminated the life of the medical doctor to avenge the death of his mother who died of cholera two years ago, even though the parent of the late doctor shouldered the expenses for the burial of the suspect’s late mother.

Meanwhile, a famous herbalist, Asimiyu Agboola has been arrested by the police after he orchestrated the murder of Olalekan Ogunranti who was the managing director of Todays Prints.

The 45-year-old Ogunranti was reported missing by family members on May 16 when he traveled to Osogbo on a business trip. A call to his number added to the mystery as an unknown person picked the call and claimed he saw the SIM card on the floor in Iragbiji.

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