In the news: See the latest Ankara styles for the Millenials

Hey Millennial,

You are young, boisterous, fun, and vibrant and it’s only wise that you own the latest Ankara styles. A modern woman’s destination is to live a well-rounded and stylish life. Never mind that the African print fabric seems like a Friday and Sunday only apparel those who still live by the rules are definitely not from this time or have probably been living under a rock all this while. If you are also interested in downloading our mobile application to stay in touch with latest fashion styles, click here.

The Ankara fabric has broken the barrier that once stopped it, now it has unleashed its potential and anyone who is in the fashion world wants a piece of it, thanks to renowned figures like the Knowles sisters, Rihanna (who can forget that Stella jean dress) and top African designers like Jewel by Lisa, ZiziCardow, ItuenBasi, DeolaSagoeetc who made it their business to rock and create Ankara styles that set the pace to change.

Now everyone wants a piece of cloth made from the Ankara fabric and this is rightly so, what better way to express ourselves if not through the patterns and prints on the African print fabric. The transition has come with a lot of side-eye from some people who think English/western wear is just the best but I say to you, if the Muslim man from Dubai can wear his thawb even at his business meeting, what stops you from turning your Ankara into something fabulous with every occasion you attend whether its work, weddings, social gathering etc? Absolutely nothing, so own the Ankara fabric and unleash your inner Fashionista with the Ankara styles below;

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These Ankara styles are definitely something you should have in your closet. Some of them should even be a wardrobe staple, so scroll back up and take a good look at each piece one’s again, the second time is a charm.


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