In the news: Nnamdi Kanu allegedly releases DEEP secrets against Buhari, Gowon (video)

– The indigenous People of Biafra has accused some leaders of committing genocide against the South-East region

– The IPOB said a new video highlights acts of genocide committed by former head of state Yakubu Gowon and the British government

– The group said it will continue to reveal secrets past Nigerian leaders are hiding from the people

IPOB said Nigerian leaders who committed atrocities against Biafran must face justice

After the last court sitting, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Nnmadi Kanu said his testimonies against President Muhammdu Buhari will ‘sink’ Nigeria.

Kanu vowed to continue expsoing crimes committed against him and the people of South East by the Federal government.

Subsequently, on Tuesday, January 3, a statement by the IPOB spokesperson Powerful Emma said the group’s leader has moved to redeem his vows.

Emma said a new video released by its leader shows acts of genocide committed against the South-East region by former head of state Yakubu Gowon and the British government.

Emma in his statement said the video is a clear indication that Gowon and the British government conspired in a premeditated genocide against Biarfans almost 50 years ago.

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“It is crystal clear now to the whole world that IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who threatened during his last court appearance to expose truths that will sink Nigeria has started doing so.” IPOB said.

“By releasing the latest video showing the grand conspiracy on the part of Gowon and the British to commit premeditated genocide it is apparent that he intends to live up to his promise to sink Nigeria with hidden truths which the world does not know exist,” the group said.

IPOB also said the exposè will continue in the weeks to come.

“All the hidden secrets of the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed against the people of Biafra during the war of genocide in 1967 to 1970 will become the most talked about topic within diplomatic circles around the world until Nigeria collapses.

“These revelations will not stop until the likes of Gowon, Buhari and others are carted off to the Hague to face trial for crimes they committed against humanity.

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“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is prepared to sink Nigeria with the truth hidden from public that people around the world have never heard before about Nigeria and the amalgamation in 1914 by British merchants.

“This was what he meant when he said that he has evidence to sink Nigeria if allowed to give testimony in court. Many more evidence are presently being compiled by his team of researchers in Europe that is about to explode in a very short period,” IPOB said.

Emma added that by January 10, when Kanu is expected to appear before the court for the commencement of his secret trial, more revelations would have been made.

He also urged Biafrans with the capital city to come and witness the proceedings of the criminal trial against the IPOB leader.

“We state categorically that IPOB family members are everywhere in the world. There is no corner of this earth you will go to without finding the presence of a well organised and drilled IPOB family through the teachings of our leader and prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

“Buhari and co must therefore come to the realisation that he is wasting his time and destroying Nigeria along with the likes of war criminals like Gowon and himself if he continues to hold our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

“He is beginning to discover to his horror that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is neither MKO Abiola, Ken Saro-Wiwa nor Isaac Adaka Boro all men fighting for their freedom who were killed by the Nigerian state.

“Those advising Buhari against the continued detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be consumed by the fire they are now stoking. These cabals should remember the aftermath of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and how many millions died as a result of the First World War that followed.

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The group said its leader and members are prepared to make the sacrifice needed to ensure that those that killed Biafrans in cold blood over crude oil and gas are jailed.

“Before the upcoming court appearance on the 10th of January 2017, the leader of the indigenous people of IPOB mazi Nnamdi Kanu has released another explosive secret about Biafra genocide hidden from the world for nearly 50 years.

“It is believed his team of lawyers and researchers in Europe are the ones responsible for this selective leak to coincide with his court appearance.

“These cold blooded killers that parade themselves as Nigerian leaders must be tried for crimes against humanity at the Hague,” Emma said.

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