In the news: Moyo Lawal, nudity and body enhancement in Nollywood

– Moyo Lawal has denied enhancing any body part in the wake of several allegations

– The actress took to social media on August 7, 2016, and posted a message to the effect that she got curvy owing to exercising

– In March 2016, she made a similar move to dispel talks of her bleaching after fans called her out

– All of these come on the heels of reports that Nigerian actresses are involved in one form of body enhancement or another

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal is in the news and it’s not for her acting skills or anything close to creativity. Rather, it is on account of having enhanced a body part, a claim she vehemently denies.

But this is not the first of its kind down here. The PR culture in Nigerian entertainment is such that entertainers have been involved in whatever acts possible just to garner media buzz and cause a frenzy of sorts. This has gotten them results in many cases, however sordid the acts are.

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But as much as entertainment is becoming a part of us, certain acts aren’t part of us as a people. They are simply quite unbecoming of us as Africans, especially considering where we come from culturally and otherwise.

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal. Credit: Instagram

Let’s even let that slide for now and digress a bit because it is imperative to analyze what it really takes for one to be called an actress or a movie star.

It’s a bit subjective what the actual pointers are but the obvious parts remain that as a movie star, excellence is adjudged by movie appearances and laurels, among other things. But when one has an anonymous persona in the film industry, nudity and other seemingly incredible stunts won’t make up in any way.

We could also go by the contributions of individuals in the movie industry in terms of non-acting influences such as in productions, directing, editing and more and as a result adjudge success to a movie practitioner.

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But even these don’t justify semi-nude displays on social media in a bid to create a stunt or frenzy as the case might be.

Anyway, it’s all subjective based on several other dynamics as many might argue that some people venture into acting not for the fame or fortune but owing to passion. They justify their relative anonymity with the fact that other than movies, they have other business involvements that pay the bill. Fine train of thought, really valid.

As it stands, 2016 is already a box-office classic as far as controversies within the local showbiz are concerned. Some of these acts we have criticized, especially the likes of Toyin Aimakhu, Davido, Burna Boy and Cynthia Morgan, to name a few, others we haven’t. article discussing body enhancement in Nollywood article discussing body enhancement in Nollywood

For these others, we have struggled to come to terms with them given the sensitive nature of their occurrences. Issues like the Tiwa Savage-Tee Billz marriage situation of April, 2016 and then the situation between the Okoye brothers which pretty much lingered through the first seven months of 2016 have more emotional and family undertones, hence they aren’t so easy to critic.

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Nonetheless, within the entertainment industry, these have been controversies all in all.

Moyo Lawal is a beautiful, young lady. To be candid, she exudes real sexiness when you see her on screen and even more appeal when you run into her at the mall or a social function, for instance. Not to sound lascivious or anything similar, but she is a beauty.

Moyo is of average height and ordinarily she has a brown skin. In the early years of her career, she started off with the role of Chioma in the television series Shallow Waters.

In recent times, she has played Chinny in the acclaimed series Tinsel but while she isn’t exactly a major in Nollywood, she has consistently shone over the years.

And this is really fine except that there have been questions bothering on her sudden bright skin and enhanced body parts among other things. article discussing body enhancement in Nollywood article discussing body enhancement in Nollywood

In March 2016, she had to put out a statement on her Instagram account to the fact that she is “totally brown skinned”.

She made the move to save face after fans accused her of bleaching her skin.

According to her, the secret to her glow is consuming plenty of tomatoes.

Here’s what she wrote: “Please, I am totally brown skinned, I just really glow a lot.

“Hence when light, filter or the sun touches me, I shimmer.

“Don’t get it twisted, if I ever get white, you will totally be able to tell the difference.

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“I could take a picture with a way lighter person and come out looking way brighter than the person; it’s all in the glow.

“When I tell people to eat tomato, they will say I am lying. Chop a tomato today, your skin will glow.”

Lawal’s comment sounded like she meant what she wrote, but industry watchers know better.

The craze with fairness didn’t begin here in Nigeria, it has been a pervasive style even in the American music and movie industries. Naturally, our African entertainers have gravitated towards this and it’s fast become a norm in these climes.

Lawal wears contact lenses, which isn’t exactly new down here. article discussing body enhancement in Nollywood article discussing body enhancement in Nollywood

But what’s more interesting is the fact that she’s had to defend herself yet again on Instagram following accusations from fans and critics that she’s had to undergo surgery to enhance her buttocks.

On Sunday, August 7, 2016, she wrote on the issue saying she got curvier owing to exercising.

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She wrote: “No!!! I haven’t done any surgery whatsoever or booty implants or taken booty pills or booty cream. You people sef! (It was my mama who gave me)

“However, I used to do a lot of squats and yes I’m back on my workout grind after taken a seven-month break.

“Anyways, the static squat is one of my fave exercises to do and yes you can try it.

“P.S: Don’t do it if you have weak knees or issues with your legs.” 

While it is clear that African women are endowed in obvious areas, one hopes a few of them haven’t gone the extra mile to enhance body parts here and there all for the glitz and glamour associated with stardom.

We see obvious cases of bleached skins, contact lenses, slimming tea, body magic among other widespread ‘solutions’ out there today. In the end, one hopes there’s a silver lining after all said and done even though it’s obvious how much dangers some or all of these procedures portend given the antecedents.

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