How to make BEST Nigerian bread buns?

Can you feel the amazing smell and taste? You are right! These are Nigerian buns with yeast. Do you know how to make Nigerian bread buns? The best recipe is here for you.

How to make Nigerian bread buns?

Homemade buns with yeast are a delicious treat for the whole family. You can cook them at home without much effort. These tender and fragrant yeast buns can be very satisfying for you and your family. They do not take very long to make and you won’t have spend a lot of money for the required ingredients.

The best recipe for buns

Nigerian buns with yeast - recipe

We will tell you how to prepare bread buns with yeast. It might be a little time-consuming but it is worth the time and effort. Let’s cook together!

Ingredients for buns with yeast

– Warm water (or milk) 2 Cups;

– Sugar 25 g;

– Vegetable oil 0.5 Cup;

– Salt 1 teaspoon;

– Dry yeast – 1 portion (25 g);

– Flour (all-purpose) 3 Cups;

– 2 eggs (optional);

– Butter (optional).

How to make buns at home?

Bun making process

Step 1


First of all mix a glass of warm water with yeast and a teaspoonful of sugar. Wait until the yeast becomes active.

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Step 2

Mix a cup of warm water with oil, add remaining sugar, and salt. Wait until the sugar is dissolved.

Step 3

Mix the two prepared liquids and then add flour cup after cup. You may add two eggs. To knead dough easily, you can use a food processor or make it the good old way, by hand.

Nigerian buns with yeast - preparation

Step 4

You will be able to tell if the flour is enough. The dough will begin to come off the walls of the bowl. Then you need to pour some vegetable oil, cover the bowl and leave it for some time.

Step 5

When the dough has doubled in size you can start molding buns.

cooking buns with yeast?

Step 6

Take a pan and fill it with vegetable oil, heat it.

buns with yeast?

Step 7

Put the balls into hot oil, keep them frying on the low heat for about 20 minutes. When they are golden brown, take these balls from the pan and place on a paper towel to remove excess fat. Your tasty buns is ready to be served!

How to make Nigerian buns
buns with yeast

Top recognized tips for buns cooking:

tasty buns with yeast?
  1. Add some diluted potato starch to your dough . This way your buns will be very lush and soft. They will not lose these properties for a couple of days.
  2. It is necessary to sift flour for the dough. This is, perhaps, one of the most important conditions for delicious and mouthwatering pastries. Sifted flour is enriched with oxygen, and this helps to remove impurities.

Now you know how to make buns at home without any difficulties. Start pampering your family and yourself!

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